The first planet in the solar system is mostly known for its mining and anti-matter interests. A series of isolated sites dot the landscape, along with a few of the system’s remaining physical prisons.

Surface Locations

  • Al-hamadhanj: Independent miners and scavengers on Mercury call themselves “sifters,” and use this crater town as a hub.
  • Caloris 18: A quarantine zone after the local AGI went rogue, experimenting on the locals, possibly under TITAN influence.
  • Cannon: This mass driver circles the planet on a track following the nightside of Mercury. Inside, about 10,000 Jachon employees and family process ore and catapult it into orbit for pickup.
  • Lumina: Near the larger southern crater, this facility houses a wide variety of research and a premiere resort for visiting elite (its slogan is “Best Spa in the System for a Tan”)

Orbital Locations

  • Egg: A gigantic artifact of the Factors, this egg-shaped device orbits the planet, declared off-limits by the Planetary Consortium.
  • Hellwatch: Nominally the center for hypercorp business for Mercury, this orbital torus acts more as a punishment for unpopular executives.


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